The LOVE HAY gift card program will allow the community to put their money where their heart is and spend locally. 

Its as easy as...

1. Simply purchase a LOVE HAY gift card at the Hay Visitor Information Centre, 404 Moppet Street Hay

2. Gift it to your friends and family 

3.Spend the LOVE HAY gift card in any of our 60 local participating stores 


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Participating Businesses
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for my business to be involved? 

Nothing. The Hay Shire Council are sponsoring the cost of the program to support all our local business.  We are partnering with Why Leave Town, a business based in Narrabri who support rural towns to develop a gift card program. 

Where can you buy a gift card? 

Gift cards can only be bought at the Hay Visitor Information Centre. The cards can then be spent at any participating store in Hay.


What happens when someone wants to pay with a card? 

For you it is as simple as processing an EFTPOS transaction. We will visit your business, activate your EFTPOS machine to accept the cards and you are ready to go. 

How do I know how much the card is worth? 

The value of the card will be written on the back of the card when it is purchased at the Visitor Information Centre. Anyone can check the value of the card by visiting

What if the transaction is worth more than the value of the card?

This is the same as a split transaction. Simply use the value of the card for one part of the transaction then use whatever other form of payment the customer would like for the other part of the transaction.

How long are the gift cards valid? 

The cards will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What can be purchased using the card? 

Anything that you have for sale. The card is no different to a normal EFTPOS transaction. If you can pay for the goods or services then you can use the card. 

Can the cards be redeemed for cash? 

No. The card works exactly like an EFTPOS card. Customers can pay for goods and services but they cannot exchange them for cash.